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Valve Stem Fabrication Process By JIS Marine Valve Manufacturer

Valve Stem Fabrication Process By JIS Marine Valve Manufacturer

JIS Marine Valve Manufacturer tells you that The joint of stem and ball and the contact between stem and valve body shall have an anti-static mechanism to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on the ball. Stem safety shall be designed to prevent “blowing out” at operating pressure. A ring shall be disposed of the anti-blowing flange on the stem to reduce the friction coefficient. So the production process requirements of the valve stem is very high, before we generally introduced the production process characteristics of the valve, below bellows stop valve to introduce the production process of the valve stem.

Characteristics of traditional stem processing technology

1. Screw flying knife is used for traditional valve stem thread, with inaccurate thread precision; The traditional non – chip rolling wire is easy to damage rolling die, deformation, distortion.

2. The grinding machine used for polished rod parts is of low precision and time-consuming.

3. Double clamping is adopted at the inverted closing position to pull back the inverted seal with poor concentricity and easy leakage of the inverted seal.

4. The end part is divided by the dividing plate of the milling machine, which is slow in processing and time-consuming.

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Valve Stem Manufacturing process features:

1. The new type of stem thread adopts self-made extrusion, with high thread strength and accuracy.

2. The concentricity of the thread part and the polished rod part overcomes the problem that is easy to distort and damage the thread rolling die in the domestic rolling process for a long time.

3. The precision of the polished rod can achieve the mirror effect, with easy opening and closing and good sealing.

4. Numerical control technology is used for one-time forming of the inverted customs, with high precision and good sealing performance.

5. The t-shaped groove at the end adopts the forging and pressing molding process, with high efficiency and low cost.

6. The whole set of valve stem production technology has reached the international advanced level.

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