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Importance of stem seal for 2pc ball valve

Importance of stem seal

Ball Valve Manufacturer shares that the stem is an important part that drives the opening and closing parts of the valve, because the stem is a movable part. So it’s the easiest place to leak out. Therefore, stem seal is very important for valves.

Stem sealing is usually done with compression packing. Compression packing is a soft material pressed into the stuffing box to seal around the stem. If the pressure on the transverse support surface of the packing is equal to or higher than that of the medium and is sufficient to close the leakage groove on the transverse surface, the packing will seal the medium.

The sealing pressure produced by pressing the packing gland causes the packing to expand laterally. If the packing transmits pressure in the same way as the medium, the pressure applied to the end face of the packing produces the same pressure on the transverse support surface. Therefore, packing by packing gland tight, packing lateral pressure is often higher than the medium pressure by packing gland pressure value, then will automatically play a sealing role.

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