Concentric Butterfly Valve

Concentric Butterfly valve

The Concentric Butterfly valve Feature is a symmetrical disc design ,ensuring favorable flow -characteristics ,and low pressure-drop.the concentric shaft ensures low operating torque,Concentric butterfly valve can be manufactured with the size up to 1200mm,with replaceable rubber seat ,with various kind…

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Electronic Temperature Control Valve

Electronic temperature control valve

Use characteristics and structure principle of electronic control temperature regulating valve Use and characteristics of electronic temperature control valve shared by DIN valve Supplier. Self-reliance type electric temperature regulator (applicable to larger diameters and heat conduction oil control), the greatest characteristic…

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How Are Valves Maintained?

How are valves maintained?

How are valves maintained? Valves, like other mechanical products, require maintenance. This work is done well, can extend the service life of the valve, the following Stainless Steel Expansion Joint Manufacturers will introduce the maintenance of the valve. The purpose of…

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