Classification of valve applications

Various types of wide range of USES, the valve, the valve of the classification of difficulty is also increasing, DIN valve Manufacturer shares that in order to better meet the valve products, many instrument company will classify common valves, valve types are classified according to the actual working condition, part of the selection by the manufacturers themselves and special situations using different USES and mechanism are different. In general, it can be divided into two categories:

Type I automatic valves: valves that operate by themselves depending on the ability of the medium (liquid, gas) itself. Such as check valve, safety valve, regulating valve, trap, pressure reducing valve, etc.

Type ii drive valve: manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic to operate the action of the valve, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plug valve.

At present, the most commonly used valve classification methods at home and abroad are as follows:

I. according to the structural characteristics, according to the moving direction of the closing part relative to the valve seat, it can be divided:

1. Closure: the closure moves along the center of the seat.

cast iron DIN valve

cast iron DIN valve

2. Gate shape: the shutoff moves along the vertical seat center.

3. Cock and ball: the closing piece is a plunger or ball that rotates around its own centerline.

4. Swing type; The shutoff member rotates around the shaft outside the seat.

5. Disc: disc of the closing member that rotates around an axis in the seat.

6. Slide valve form: the closure slides in a direction perpendicular to the channel.

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