Causes of leakage at valve packing

Causes of leakage at valve packing shared by the DIN valve Manufacturer.

1, packing selection is not correct, not resistant to medium corrosion, not resistant to high pressure or vacuum valve, high temperature or low temperature use;

2, packing installation is wrong, there is a small generation of large, screw coiling joint is bad, tight under loose and other defects

3, packing over the use period, has been aging, loss of elasticity

4, valve stem accuracy is not high, bending, corrosion, wear and other defects

5, the number of packing ring is insufficient, the gland is not compressed;

Valve Manufacturer

Valve Manufacturer

6, gland, bolts, and other parts are damaged, so that the gland can not be compressed;

7, improper operation, excessive force, etc.;

8, gland askew, the gap between gland and stem is too small or too large, resulting in stem wear, packing damage.

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