BY HY Valve

Updating News of COVID-19

Important note  : Our company has started production !! all return to normal , contact us anytime if you want

    Since the corona virus pandemic has a huge explosion in Europe and USA , it has spent about two months. After the effort of all over the world , the virus is almost controlled in Europe, especially in Italy , on April 23 the new confirmed patients is less than cured people . It shows  the situation in Italy is becomming better and better . In Spain the situation keep stable for a few days . In France ,Germany and UK the corona virus pandemic has reached to the peak . And meantime many countries has extended the lockdown time to May . About USA still many patients increased everyday , if they continue to follow the strict lockdown action , it will also be no problem.

by HY valve

     Now in China the people”s life has returned to normal , almost all factories begin production . But the world is a whole , we can not isolate from other countries . meantime the world also need China . During the time against the corona virus pandemic , we supply large quantity of protective goods to other countries. we are one family . we hope all people of the world are healthy and normal life come back earlier.  I think with the efforts of all  this day will come very soon.