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Which kind of test will be done for every valve ?

Normally there are three kinds of test for valve, including shell test , closure test and upper closure test , we will do it according to the standard .

How to maintain the valve during the usage?

In daily work , people should check carefully every part of the valve , whether there is any leakage or corrosion, clean the valve stem , and put some lubricating oil on it . for those valves which are not used frequently people should turn it in case the valve stem is stuck .every half a year injecting grease into the valve and draining the sewage .

What is the reason of leakage for valve ? how to resolve it ?

In face the reasons are a lot , basically the reasons are as following :

1. The quality of valve is unqualified. During the casting , some inner defect can not be seen. When the valve is used for some time, the leakage will happened .the seal between valve seat and disc is also easy to leak, resolving these problems need the producer more carefully during the manufacture , test every valve strictly according to the standard.

2.The bad way of maintenance and operation. So setting up the rules of maintenance and operation is necessary . and the workers must follow the rules strictly .

3. In some area the valve need to be kept warm , otherwise the alternant of cooling and heating can result in the leakage.

4. The valve seat is damaged lightly or stuck by dirty. The solution is repairing the valve seat and cleaning the dirty. If the medium leak from the stuffing box or flange surface, the maintenance people should check the stuffing and gasket whether they are ageing or loose, change them if necessary.