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How are valves maintained?

How are valves maintained?

Valves, like other mechanical products, require maintenance. This work is done well, can extend the service life of the valve, the following Stainless Steel Expansion Joint Manufacturers will introduce the maintenance of the valve.

The purpose of safekeeping maintenance is not to damage the valve in safekeeping, or to reduce the quality. In fact, improper storage is one of the important causes of valve damage

The valve custody, should be in good order, small valves on the shelves, large valves can be arranged on the warehouse floor neatly, can not be disorderly stack, do not let the flange joint surface contact the ground. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but mainly to protect the valve from damage

Due to improper storage and handling, the handwheel is broken, the valve stem is crooked, the handwheel and the fixed nut of the valve stem are loose and lost, etc., these unnecessary losses should be avoided

For valves not in use for a short time, asbestos packing should be removed to avoid electrochemical corrosion and damage to the stem

The valve just into the warehouse, to check, such as in the transport process into the rain or dirt, to wipe clean, and then stored

The valve inlet and outlet should be sealed with wax paper or plastic sheet to prevent dirty things

To the valve processing surface can rust in the atmosphere to apply anti-rust oil, to protect

The valve to be placed outside must be covered with tarpaulin or tarpaulin and other waterproof and dustproof articles. The warehouse where the valves are stored should be kept clean and dry

Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

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