By Hy Valves

Cast iron dual plate wafer type check valve



it allow fluid media to flow only in one direction and prevent reverse flow.Usually,Dual plate wafer check valve workers automatically,when the fluid pressure up to some level flowing in one direction,the disc open,and the fluid flows in the opposit direction,it close so that cut off the flow..

we should pay attention to the following matters when install it.

 1Wafer check valve should not load the weight in the pipeline,big size valves 

 2Note that the direction of media flow should be consistent with that the arrow marked on the valve body.

   3Lift vertical disc check valves shall be installed in vertical piping.

   4lift horizontal disc check valves shall be installed in horizontal piping

Dual Disc Check valves are available for your process conditions. piece body casting for maximum corrosion resistance.

2.Dual-Disc Design for lightweight ,small size,and strength.

3.Spring action closes each plate independently.

4.Stop pin.