What Are The Applicable Occasions Of The Valve?

Understand the application of the valve, choose different valves in different working conditions, in order to let the valve play its maximum effect, and bring us many conveniences in production and life. Let’s take a look at the applicable occasions of the valve.
1. Hydropower station. The construction of hydropower stations in China is developing in the direction of large-scale, and the demand for valves is also increasing. Large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves, pressure reducing valves, globe valves, gate valves and Butterfly Valves are all popular valves for hydropower stations.
2. Metallurgical industry. The behavior of alumina in the metallurgical industry mainly requires the use of wear-resistant slurry valves and regulating traps. Metal-sealed  butterfly valves and oxidized Ball Valve, globe valves and four-way reversing valves are mainly used in the steelmaking industry.
3. Marine development. With the development of offshore oilfield exploitation, the amount of valves required has gradually increased. Offshore valves, check valves, and multi-way valves are required for offshore platforms.
4. Food and pharmaceutical industry. The industry mainly needs stainless steel ball valves, all-plastic ball valves and butterfly valves.
5. Rural and urban construction. The urban construction department generally adopts low-pressure valves and is currently developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation. Environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balancing valves, and mid-line butterfly valves and metal-sealed butterfly valves are gradually replacing low-pressure iron gate valves.
6. Urban heating system. In the urban heat generation system, a large number of metal sealing butterfly valves, horizontal balancing valves and direct-buried ball valves are needed. Because of these types of valves, the longitudinal and lateral hydraulic imbalance problems of the pipeline are solved, and the purpose of energy saving and heat balance is achieved.

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