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What Should You Do If The Sealing Of The Electric Butterfly Valve Is Not Strict?

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Electric Butterfly Valves are widely used in dusty cool air or hot air gas pipelines for ventilation, environmental protection projects in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, power stations, glass, etc., as gas medium conditioning flow or blocking equipment
The reason why the electric butterfly valve is not tight is multi-faceted.

Let’s take a brief introduction from the most commonly used electric rubber butterfly valve and electric hard seal butterfly valve.
First, electric soft sealing butterfly valve
This type of electric butterfly valve is often used for opening and closing of non-corrosive water at normal temperature. It presents two reasons for leaking:
1. The disc is corroded. Because it is a ductile iron plate, the long time must cause the valve plate to rust and lead to leakage.
2, the rubber valve seat is damaged, the long-term opening and closing, rubber wear resistance is not good, resulting in seal damage.
Second, electric hard seal butterfly valve
This kind of butterfly valve is used for relatively harsh working conditions, generally high temperature steam, heat transfer oil and so on. The reason for its leakage is mainly the leakage of the sealing surface:
1. Damage to the sealing surface, caused by high temperature steam cavitation.
2, the slender hard particles are washed away at a long time,
3. The butterfly valve plate has air holes.
Many of the Double Eccentric Electric Butterfly Valves are damaged by the seals, which causes the electric butterfly valve to exhibit poor sealing during the time of operation. This is generally caused by the impact and corrosion of the liquid at the moment of the sealing surface. When the liquid is at a certain speed, the fine particles contained in the inside will impact the sealing surface for a long time, which may cause partial performance damage, so that the entire seal is not tight, and leakage is formed.

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