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Why Is It Recommended To Choose A Forged Steel Ball Valve For Natural Gas Pipelines?

Why is it recommended to use a forged steel Ball Valve for natural gas pipelines? Because the material of the forged steel ball valve is carefully selected, the wall thickness of the valve body and the bolt strength of the valve body are in accordance with the requirements of the American standard ASME B16.34, and are strictly calculated to ensure Corresponding valve body pressure rating and reliable strength of the joint.
The ball adopts a fixed structure, a floating valve seat, which can achieve a small torque under operating pressure. A metal bushing with self-lubricating PTFE is used to match the high-strength, high-gloss valve stem to minimize the friction coefficient.
The forged steel ball valve uses a polymer material as the seat seal, and the seal seat is spring-loaded. It has excellent sealing performance over a wide range of temperature changes and pressure variations, ensuring a bubble-free seal under closed pressure differential, and The minimum operating torque can be maintained with the maximum differential pressure.
The natural gas pipeline forged steel ball valve is a forged steel structure, which is especially suitable for the working conditions of gas, purified natural gas, acid natural gas, water, coal slurry and oil. It is suitable for oils with Class150~Class1500 and working temperature of -28~300°C. In the pipelines of various working conditions such as chemical and thermal power stations, it acts to cut off or turn on the medium.

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